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Why I wrote Designing Identity.In the Spring of 1995, Rockport Publishers submitted a proposal to me asking would I write a book for them on how to design a logo. My response was a proposal to NOT write a book about HOW to design a logo - one should go to school and study or work for an identity firm to learn HOW - but WHY a logo, corporate identity, and graphic design is important to any business. Preaching to the choir does not interest me. Aside from my private practice, I teach at the University and College level and have no interest in...View the rest of this entry.
A Means to an End: Communication, Community, Commerce, and Culture.[The following is the introduction to Designing Identity: Graphic Design as a Business Strategy, Rockport Publishers] In 1985 I stood atop a tall limestone boulder that leaned precariously from the top of a talus slope against a cliff face. To reach my perch I used nine-hundred-year old handholds, working my way up the few remaining yards by way of a crevice. The flat surface area on which I stood was as wide as I am tall, and twice that in length. Opposite the cliff rose a similar wall, a quarter mile to the east. It being May, Indian Creek ran...View the rest of this entry.