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THIS is how a lecture should start: Tomorrow Never Knows
Kevin Rej/bass; Dino Ionniello/drums | HOW Design Conference | Atlanta | June 2007

Off to school, surrounded by volcanoes and morning mist.
Antigua | Guatemala | July 1999

Santa Fe, New Mexico, of all places | January 2001

Beyond Chaos Canyon | Contintenal Divide | Estes Park, Colorado | May 1992

More a memory, than a photo. I was on the far side of the town, and thought I heard a drum beat, which I then followed through the afternoon rain.
I eventually stumbled upon the drum and xylophone band. Resonating beats and ethereal chimes echoes from the jungle-covered volcanoes.
A Spanish-era colonial mission in ruins in the background. I sat and listened, watched.
Antigua | Guatemala | July 1999

Belle gazelle
Djem el Fna | Marakech | Moroc | Jan 2000

1988 soft tail springer, in front of studio, 2130 Goodrich Avenue.
Picked this up after riding on the back of Hda's Honda90 across the Moroccan desert. Felt inspired.
Austin, Texas | spring 2002

Blanton Museum | Austin | 2007

Only two wear the blue: Tuareg or tourist
Sahara | Moroc | January 2000

David Byrne, Elvis. Don't ask.
Las Vegas | October 1999

Studio clocks, calendars.
Austin | July 2005

My, what a lovely bunch of coconuts: Mathew Siegal, DJ Stout, Marc English, David Kampa.
Anteros Drive | Austin, Texas | 1996

Cowboy tan
Stoner Ranch | Uvalde Texas | June 2006

Medina at night
Fes al Bali | Moroc | Jan 2000

Francis X Pavy
Lafayette, Louisianna | Oct 2006

Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco | June 2007 | 7pm

Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco | June 2007 | 8pm

Behind my desk.
Many years ago, walked into a gallery in Austin. Saw a worn fence. Walked closer. Saw ceramic devils hanging from it. Closer inspection showed letterforms (!) on their bellies. They happened to spell out one of my favorite expressions: The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions. Art by Edmo which I traded for some cash (not much) and a copy of my book (which he wanted). The discolored candy bracelet? That's another story.
Austin | 1998

Marc, Rebecka English | fess up: how old is that T-shirt?
Grand Canyon | Arizona | July 2004

Great-grandpa, Captain Freeman Horton
Guysborough, Nova Scotia | Canada | circa 1915

The blur of teen love | Cafe de la revolucion
Ciudad de Guatemala | Guatemala | Jul 1999

Panajachel | Guatemala | July 1999

Hda Marouche | within minutes of him bringing me to his village, Hda was proudly showing the village's canal, with its many family gardens. A mechanic in Rissani, hours to the west, he returns to the village on weekends help wife, children, and parents. His parents were nomads that settled at this oasis in 1966, coming in from the dunes.
Assi el Abiad [Well of he White Waters] | 15 or so miles west of Algeria, Moroc | January 2000

Hda, Marc return from the nomad camp
Erg Chebbi, north of Assi el Abiad | January 2000

Barton Creek | Austin, Texas | 10 March 2001

Horses | Stoner Ranch | Uvalde, Texas | May 2007



Dr. Jean Andrews, Marc at the University of Texas Physics Department annual reception at the Texas Memorial Museum.
Jean is otherwise known as "the pepper lady" (look her up) and I'm fortunate enough to have escorted her to many a function.
Author of 14 books, she's visited more than 120 countries and at 81, when this photo was taken, could run circles around folks half,
or quarter her age. She calls me a "boy," and considering the salt that's getting in my pepper, I'll take it.
University of Texas | Austin | 4 November 2005

John, Marc
Lexington, Massachusetts | 1962

Joshua C. "tattooed love boy" Kramer, eye of the storm.
Studio | Austin | July 2005

Juan Valdez
Boquillas, Coahuilla | Mexico | July 2000

Marc, Rebecka English, on Terry Mark's roof
Seattle | June 2004

Marc, Rip Torn, Texas Film Hall of Fame. Photo taken by Rip's niece.
She came over and asked if she could take our pictures together.
We had been chatting about the first film I saw him in, "The Man Who Fell to Earth," with David Bowie.
Austin | March 2002

Marc English, illustrator extraordinaire Marc Burckhardt and his charming wife Janice, and Anne Telford, editor of Communication Arts.
The Mean Eyed Cat | Austin, Texas | December 2004

Los pendejos de Mexicali, Marc, y April Greiman de Los Angeles.
Esquina Norte Congresso | Tijuana, Baja California | Mexico | September 2003

Newspaper Rock. Petroglyphs spanning thousands of years include historic ones (horse with rider
using a bow; wagon wheel), as well as the more contemporary bullet hole and graffitti. The majority are
of Fremont style (horned shaman), along with Archaic marks (curvilinear "abstract" patterns).
Canyonlands National Park | Utah | May 1985

NIru and Vishal's wedding, on a paddlewheel boat on the Colorado River. Rev. M. English, presiding.
Austin | March 2005

Erg Chebbi | Moroc | January 2000

shamanic figure | lifesize
Pecos River | Texas | August 1990

Waiting for me. Edge of the Sahara | North of Assi el Abiad,
Morocco, 15 clicks from Algeria. | January 2000.

Marc & Don Julian, Guatemalan shaman in charge of fog.
Don Julian was born in this home. | July 1999.

Rebecka English, from the "Angelito de los Suenos" session
Lexington | summer 1994

petroglyph site | Indian Creek,
Canyonlands National Park, Utah | May 1985

Rebecka English likes mohawks and nerds. Says her dad is not a nerd, therefore cut his hair into a mohawk.
Of course it was only 2/3s of a 'hawk, as one has to factor in the bald spot. Photo by Nils Juul-Hansen. Contact sheet from the New Year '97 shots by Bill Albrecht, part of the Out with the Old, In With the New series.
Austin | August 2004, December 1996

Rebecka English
Austin | October 2005

Bookplate I made for Rebecka's 18th birthday: old enough to start really building her own library. Letterpress courtesy of Michael Osborne and One Heart Press, San Francisco. I cut the linoleum at about 8"x8" and reduced the art for a final 3"x3" plate.

13,153' up on the Continental Divide | halfway between here and there
Taylor Peak | Colorado | 24 May 1992 | 2:15pm

Chowder and scallops
San Francisco | May 2007

old school: slides for The Way of the Design Shaman presentation

Have had the Claes Oldenbeg poster hanging since 1985: Artists Call Against U.S. Intervention in Central America. Got the Joe Hill poster in Seattle, at the Left Bank Bookshop.
The Clash, OK soda, Brigette Bardot in 'Contempt', and a head from the pinata head collection.
Studio | Austin | July 2005

nose ring
SXSW | Jo's Coffee | Austin | March 2007

The crimson muse. Now to be found in Tuscany.
Austin | 2002

The English boys: King Joe, John, Charlie, Tom (my dad, age 17). Oldest brother Philip was in Phoenix at the time, where the main streets were still dirt.
Medford, Massachusetts | 1952

The Horton clan: Lois, A.K. Morley, Mae, Maureen (mom, age 7), Ken.
45 Hastings Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | 1942

Las Vegas, Nevada | September 1999

Las Vegas | July 2006

No matter where I go, no matter what the language, the word is always spelled the same way: L O V E. In English.
Fes | Moroc | December 1999

Woman of the dunes
Sahara | North Africa | January 2000

George Yepes, Marc. At the Yepes/Robert Rodriquez opening. Yepes is one of the leading muralists in the United States, and essentially owns Los Angeles.
Blue Star Gallery | San Antonio | Texas | April 2006