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The Deptartment of Hype presents the Top 10 reasons to work with us.
1. We wrote the book on corporate identity.

That's right, Designing Identity: Graphic Design as a Business Strategy, is in classrooms across the country, and in bookstores in your neighborhood. Branding is a buzzword for a reason, and this book highlights case studies from the small and local, to the large and international. Some of the best designers in the field today explain their creative process, from initial client meetings and planning through identity development and a wide variety of applications, all of which deatil the objectives of client and designer.

2. People pay to hear Marc speak.Scary thought, but true. Coast to coast, and border to border. North, south, east, west, and beyond our borders, audiences line up to hear and see how it's done, and even more important, why it's done. Branding strategies, corporate identity, annual reports, publication design, posters, marketing materials, packaging, websites, it all gets covered by a guy who's background in teaching, theater, and music gets an audience to pay attention and learn a thing or two. And maybe do something they love.
3. Forbes magazine says our web work Top 10.For a specific industry, that is. And did we know a dang thing about that industry before we started the project? No more than the average person. But we know design and how to create clear and compelling communication. And get someone in and out of a website with the info they need. Just like getting in and out of an airport, but without the wand-check.
4. One of the 50 best book designs in the country.Our client gave us carte blanche, got out of the way, let us do what we do best, and this was the result. There are a lot of books that come out each year, just as there are a lot of other things that are designed. It's not about the numbers, but when all is said and done, and only a few are left standing, its nice to be on top. Which is where we try to keep out clients. The recognition is fine, but it feels a whole lot better to know its the work that is being recognized.
5. Our clients sing our praises.Seriously, why should you believe a word of what WE say? Let our satisfied clients speak for themselves. We'd be glad to give you their numbers. Here are a few of THEIR words: passionate; professional; thoughtful consideration; an adventure; brilliant in their artistry; innovative; listened carefully; their design work creates, not just reflects, the cultural aesthetic; commitment and fearlessness; intriguing; magnificent; and unique. Ok, that's enough. Our collective heads are swelling.
6. Our work is in collections in the U.S., Europe and Mexico.Which means we must be doing something right. Its nice to be honored, but we always remember that it is our CLIENTS' work hanging in those galleries. And the best work is done for the best clients. It's really that simple. Vision + vision = extraordinary results.
7. We ask the right questions.

Nobody knows your business like you do. And we know our business. So how to bring them together?By asking pointed questions. By setting benchmarks and goals against which we can measure our results. Its not about color or typeface, but results. And we get them by asking questions.

8. We've had clients we've never seen.And they work with us anyway. Through the glory and power of technology, we've worked with folks from A to T. That's Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Tel Aviv. We'd love to play in your yard. Please call if you are in Zanzibar, Zimbabwe, Zaire, Zambia, Zaragosa, or Zhe-jiang.
9. We have the right attitude.

There's a reason our website opens with the word "YES." We care about what we do: the quality, the content, and the response our work gets. We can only do that by caring about our client's projects and treating them as if we are doing them for ourselves. Because at the end of the day, it's not the dollars or the awards that make the difference, but what one has created and left behind. And all that's left when we go is our reputation. We take our work seriously, and not ourselves.

Possibilities. Potential. Yes.

10. Thumbs up. Thumbs down.

From national design and advertising competitions - like the top of the pyramid Communication Arts Annual - to regional and local shows, Marc gets the call to act as juror. Passing judgement is not something he does lightly. Understanding the problem and the solution requires insight, which comes from years of experience. Realizing the pieces not chosen as "winners" go right in the trash, gives you plenty of pause for thought about your next project.

We add up.Do the math. If you can find folks with all of the above, plus are fun to work with, call them. But if not, call us. You'll be glad you did. Thanx for the consideration.
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Revolver | The Beatles
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