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I trust Marc to do the right thing and I give him enough room to do so.

Referring to the rebranding of the Austin Film Society and branding of Austin Studios, when English stepped down from the AFS board of directors, Linklater succinctly put it "You took us from Kansas to Oz!"

"Marc is great to work with and his ideas are always on target. I find his commitment to a project ensures that every detail is well thought out and executed. As a filmmaker, I recognize the authenticity of Marc's visual storytelling. I value his input and look forward to working with him again."

Richard Linklater, director
Detour Film Productions

Marc is one of these leaders.

In any national association of 28,000 members, there are only a few who are so committed to the ideas of the profession, rather than their own achievements, that they are able to sustain the energy, focus, and relentless leadership for success in community after community.

Marc is one of these leaders. Within a five or six year span he was president of the Boston chapter, started a continuing and respected regional design show for New England [Best of New England], started the Austin chapter and a highly inspiring and successful Design Ranch, and then began a term on the national board.

During this same period, he was a practicing designer, a motivational speaker and popular educator. I strongly support Marc in leadership, design and educational roles.

Ric Grefe,
Former Executive Director, AIGA
Design Thinker in Residence at Williams College

There are few folks who approach the world and others with such possibility, ...

... such lust for discovery, such portent. With the desire to engage the intellect, skill; with the notion and the ability to engage others, to connect. To hear and be heard. To help and hold through the unknown and out the other side to clarity. I've known Marc since 1997, which is to say forever. And forever he's been gregarious, charming, outgoing, superior in his thirst and drive, whether it's with an AIGA volunteer, an executive director, a stranger, a new friend. You want to know Marc and want to engage him and with him, and you will feel love(d).

Josh Silverman
Design Operations | Twitter this point I think Marc better merits the moniker "design god."

I'm rarely at a loss for words, but I feel like I lack enough superlatives to describe Marc English and his shockingly high levels of skills, insight and savvy in terms of anything and everything related to graphic design, identity design and ... well, pretty much any design I can think of. His work on my former home-design gallery and store, Kirk Gallery, merits more accolades than I can even bestow. While I *usually* think I have strong design mojo of my own, in contrast to Marc's it's more like the equivalent of a high school B-ball player comparing himself to Kobe Bryant. Marc's "design guru" title is, if anything, an understatement: at this point I think Marc better merits the moniker "design god."

If you're afraid of strong personalities, taking risks, questioning the status quo, coloring outside the lines, or going where no one has gone before, Marc might not be your speed. If you want consistently unparalleled design work, ideas of the "crazy-sounding at first but end up AWESOME" variety, and a caliber of creative talent unrivaled in Austin (or probably in Texas), Mr. English is *absolutely* your man.

Jeff Kirk,
Tech Entrepreneur/Content Developer & Strategist

He takes time to understand

When I first met the self-styled design shaman, I was skeptical of the claim, but after knowing Marc as a friend and colleague for 8+ years, I'm converted. I was the marketing director at the Austin Film Society and Marc had been working on all of their branding and materials for years. I had the opportunity to see how he developed their branding and the resulting (exceptional) materials. He takes time to understand who and what he is designing for, and then translates essence and aspiration into great design. His work is polished and will get YOU noticed for being cool and creative.

Agnes Varnum,
Director of Events | Texas Tribune

enthusiastic and inspired

Marc's approach to teaching [at Massachusetts College of Art] was enthusiastic and inspired. He showed our class how design exists in, and is a vital part of everyday life. He pulled from his knowledge of music, film, travel and literature, not just from the typical design books and magazines. He imparted a much broader scope of interests which was enlightening in many ways. I feel fortunate to have had him as a teacher when I did.

Carol Hayes
Senior Designer | City of New York, Dept. of Design + Construction

Marc is a great teacher and mentor.

I admire his unique, irreverent, adventurous personality and his willingness to spread his knowledge to the world, as he did at the Universidad de Monterey, in Monterey, Mexico. His teaching style pushes you to take out the best of you and the result of that is great design.

Maria Del Mar
founder, DMB Studio | Mexico City

I knew that Marc would inspire, delight and push the edges of our package design.

He delivered with passion. His packaging designs are authentic and evocative, reflecting the origin and tradition of our favorite food artisans. The designs not only successfully stand out on a cluttered grocery aisle (a challenge in itself these days) but also live beautifully in the pantry of Whole Foods Market customers.

Patty Fair, team leader | creative services
Whole Foods Market Private Label

I used to think the whole idea of self promotion was dirty . . .

Speaking as someone who avoided it for so many years I can firmly say that that humble position is bull shit. If you do good work and contribute to the quality of design and art, people should hear about it.

I admire how comfortable you are speaking about design and appreciate how you force people to view/discuss design from an honest perspective. Too many designers speak to themselves. I think that we have more to offer than that.

I do wish some people would shut up but you add a real level of credibility and fun to the practice.

David Kohler, creative director

" . . . This glorious, hypercreative cavalcade . . .

. . . of all things Marc English - his lifetime essence, outlandish explanation, and never-ending quest to discover as much cool as his soul can hold - is as clear a glimpse into the soul of self-described "design shaman" Marc English as anyone with half a mind and a working knowledge of midnight fancies and south-of-the-border (any border) rambles could ever bear. Really, you might want to wear a welder's visor and some chain mail just to be on the safe side; in his hands, "design theory" is a radical, insurrectionist weapon. Joe Strummer would've dug this cat, but good. . .

His identity both as a human being and an artist is XXL life. Austin filmmaker/writer Cary Roberts has rightly called him "the Stanley Kubrick of design." He fairly burns with passion for his life and work, and he wants you to burn, too. No sparks or embers here. English is a conflagration of design theory, overwhelming talent, and experimentalism, and his work with Criterion meets at the dirty crossroads of the artistic truth of what has been entrusted to him and the bottom line, the movement of "product," the allure of the dream made [true], at midnight, beneath a full moon, with pistols and blood well spent. His aim is truest. . . .

With Marc English, you get what you pay for and whoa, nelly, so much more."

Marc Savlov, writer, Austin Chronicle

Take it as professional respect, . . .

. . . acknowledgement of a job well done, knowing how much it takes to just come to work much less end up in ink, tow the party line, and of course my way of saying thanks on behalf of designers everywhere for making us look good.

If we are fighting a war of mediocrity in our arena, you my friend, are gripping the fucking flag at Iwo Jima!

Jim Mousner, principal
Origin Design

"Criterion's version may be the most attractive . . .

. . . package they've ever put out.It's the shit. I would be in awe of it even if it held a movie I didn't like. It's got a beautiful design."

Hi Marc,
I'd like to echo the above sentiments from a blogger. I couldn't be more pleased with the way the package turned out. Everything about it is a delight to the eye. You managed to use BOTH my favorite cover designs, one on the box, the other on the disc holder fold-out. And I love the split photo of the gas station as you open the fold-out. And everything is so clean and simple.

Anyway, thanks very much for your integral contribution to the success of the DVD.
All the best,
Monte Hellman, director

Marc is fab to work with . . .

. . . flexible and totally committed. He's able to define, research, and fully understand any brief. He completely nailed the look and feel for Where Flavor Was Born. Chronicle Books is happy to have such a reliable and talented designer within it's mix.

Vanessa Dina, art director
Chronicle Books

I was very impressed . . .

. . . by your work on Where Flavor Was Born. Having worked so hard researching and writing the book, I am always very nervous when, suddenly, the baby is in someone else's hands. What will happen? Will the designers see my project? How will they raise and nurture my baby on its way to adulthood and a place of its own in public? I found that you really saw the material and managed to create a palette for the palate, to communicate my stories and those of my photographer, and to present the book with a personality that was at the same time friendly, accessible, confident and unique. Chapeau! [hat's off!]

Andreas Viestad, chef/author/host of New Scandinavian Cooking

Marc's work exudes honesty, confidence and originality.

He manages to surpass expectations.

I'm not very glib, but his work is really fucking fantastic.

Tommy Davis, director
Quito Malo Productions

Marc English Design's brilliant artwork . . .

. . . is our film's bridge to the outside world, and we can't imagine the project without it.

Marcy Garriott, director
La Sonrisa Productions

"You're . . .

. . . the man!"

Quentin Tarantino, director
A Band Apart

They do amazing work. I love them.

Wow. Let me just say, they do amazing work. I LOVE THEM. It takes a lot to get me excited after 10 years here, but Marc totally 'gets it'. The best DVD packaging considers the entire concept of the production. Marc English Design is a perfect choice because they understand that presenting the world of each film is essential. The care and consideration with which each and every element is designed, makes it very clear how much they understood each movie. And we love their design as much as we love the films. Their design is the kind of presentation that involves the viewer and fan of the film; there are many tidbits to discover and make connections to. Just perfect. Marc English Design rocks savage.

Susan Arosteguy, producer
The Criterion Collection

Passionate and professional work.

Working with Marc English Design has been key in our worldwide expansion. With their passionate and professional work we have been able to deliver a consistent visual image in all the countries we cover. With tradeshows in Europe, Canada, Australia and the U.S., our corporate identity has been essential to establish a strong brand and presence with our customers. As of today, we use Marc English Design's output on a daily basis: from our office design to our web site, including recent multimedia promotional tools.

Guillaume Deudon, Vice President Worldwide Marketing
Sharing Technologies, Inc.

Marc is a real designer's designer - he's fearless.

Marc is a real designer's designer - he's fearless. If he has an idea for a design, he'll push it. A lot of designers won't do that for fear of losing the job. Marc has an affective quality of getting people outside of design excited about it, and he does a lot of good for graphic design by sticking to his guns and speaking to the fact that design isn't just decoration.

DJ Stout, partner

He's the closest thing we have in AIGA to Johnny Cash.

Marc English is an acquired taste - kind of like unfiltered Camels, jalapeno peppers, and tequila for breakfast. This writer first got a "taste" of English when I saw and heard him clank into a room at The American Institute of Graphic Arts/Austin's infamous Design Ranch wearing more metal and leather than Mad Max while performing a version of that kitsch kuntry classic, Turkey in the Straw, that made everyone ashamed of themselves. But, like a lot of things you shouldn't have, once you've had a little snort of English, you're kind of hooked.He's the closest thing we have in AIGA to Johnny Cash.

Matthew Porter, contributing writer
Step Inside Design magazine

Exceptional service and results that surpass expectations.

Working with Marc English Design is an adventure in creativity, vocabulary, texture, color and design. Whether discussing our company's web site, our brand, identity materials, or sales tools, MED has provided exceptional service and results that surpass expectations.

They respond to every request with thoughtful consideration of our brand message and how each element inter-relates to those projects completed or those yet to come.

I truly enjoy our playful exchanges, bristling disagreements and ever-evolving understanding of each other's ways of thinking about design. I can truly say I consider MED a partner in our business success.

Colleen Challenger, Vice President of Marketing,

They are brilliant in their artistry.

We have collaborated with the highly creative Marc English Design team for five years composing our annual reports. They are brilliant in their artistry blending design, photo-illustration, copy and overall image to produce a quality and timely piece reflective of our high technology company. Year after year, we have relied upon Marc and his team for innovative ways to bring our message to investors, customers, employees and business partners.

Richard S. Chilinski, Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Xetel Corporation

Marc English Design is a crossing guard at the intersection of culture and community in Austin.

When transforming the Fiesta art Festival to The Austin Fine Arts Festival, the AMOA Guild undertook the serious responsibility of changing a 51-year Austin tradition. While we embraced the opportunity to revamp the event, we wanted the festival to maintain a uniquely Austin flavor. Luckily, Marc English Design is a crossing guard at the intersection of culture and community in Austin. They created a distinctly Austin feel to the campaign for the Festival, which bridged the fine arts character of the festival with the reality of laid back Austin. Their design work creates, not just reflects, the cultural aesthetic of Austin.

Jacqui Schradd, Director
Austin Museum of Art Guild

Talent, commitment and fearlessness.

Marc English Design succeeded in re-creating our corporate identity where others tried and failed for over a year. It's tough coming up with an image that com "Austin" without the cliched river, bridge, hills; but Marc English Design never got bogged down by unoriginal thinking. Our new logo seemed to emerge naturally, after they listened carefully to our staff and board, and took time to experience our activities and understand us.

The result was a logo that captured and reflected our essence - the beauty of light through celluloid - without constricting our business possibilities. Because of their talent, commitment and fearlessness, I firmly believe they can handle the needs of any enterprise, from the humblest to the grandest.

Rebecca Campbell, Director
Austin Film Society

They didn't just create an identity for us - they learned who we were.

Marc English is not your typical designer. That's a good thing, because Girlstart is not your typical nonprofit. We needed someone who could understand our vision, in all its quirkiness and uniqueness. Marc got to know us the way you get to know a new friend: If you were as TV show, what would you be? If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? What kind of music do you like? What are your favorite colors? It makes perfect sense.

Understanding a company is about understanding its culture. Our culture reflects our mission: we are here to empower girls. That is an extremely important message we are trying to impart to people. That's what Marc English Design did for Girlstart. They didn't just create an identity for us - they learned who we were and designed an identity as intriguing, magnificent and unique as every girl we serve.

That was exactly what we wanted to communicate.

Rachel Muir, Director

A rare combination of marketing savvy, spiritual understanding and creative insight.

Marc English Design gave us a rare combination of marketing savvy, spiritual understanding and creative insight. Being a new church in Austin, we presented their team with a unique challenge of communicating the church's unchanging message in a culturally significant manner. Marc English Design delivered. Big. They helped us see between the cracks and illuminated the ways unchurched people perceive church. They take their work very seriously without taking themselves too seriously. They were a pleasure to work with and learn from.

Mac Richard, Pastor
Lake Hills Church

He manages to find the soul of the subject.

Marc is able to capture something that is often forgotten about in modern society: an original idea. He manages to find the soul of the subject at hand and brings shape and color to the ideas that represent it.

Andy Melvin, Pastor of the Arts
Lake Hills Church

Most of all, he knows when to listen.

Marc English is a phenomenal talent. Always working within a constrained budget, he nonetheless made each piece distinctive and noteworthy. His easy-going temperament made for a productive exchange of ideas and, most of all, he knows when to listen. We could always count on him to produce a design that was highly original, yet not overdone; that carried the message, without shouting; and that communicated effectively, the final test.

Sandra Gregor, Executive Director
Texas Fine Arts Association