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Good God, y'all!
Identity comes from within, from the heart and soul. Not from a logo.

Identity, stationary system for a church that really knows who they are, and who they are trying to reach.

Marc used to make fun of their old logo when he would do lectures on corporate identity across the country. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions," he'd say. Then, lo and behold, who walks into the studio seeking a new visual identity? The Lord works in mysterious ways. And when you think about it, just how challenging is it to design for the Eternal and All-encompassing? Not to mention the GodSquad at Lake Hills Church. Can I hear an "amen?"
Marc English Design gave us a rare combination of marketing savvy, spiritual understanding and creative insight. Being a new church in Austin, we presented their team with a unique challenge of communicating the church's unchanging message in a culturally significant manner. Marc English Design delivered. Big. They helped us see between the cracks and illuminated the ways unchurched people perceive church. They take their work very seriously without taking themselves too seriously. They were a pleasure to work with and learn from.
Mac Richard
Pastor, Lake Hills Church

Marc is able to capture something that is often forgotten about in modern society: an original idea. He manages to find the soul of the subject at hand and brings shape and color to the ideas that represent it.
Andy Melvin
Pastor of the Arts, Lake Hills Church

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