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Site 59 identity/website, for last-minute travel company. Thank you Forbes magazine for the kudos.

Talk about 'experiences'. . .
When does "last minute" and "spontaneous" not mean the same thing?

E-businesses are notorious for changing business plans mid-stream, doing 180s and 360s, re-inventing themselves and re-defing themselves in response to market conditions. Site59 didn't let us down. TWO logos and FOUR websites later, we've got an easy-to-use navigational system for those people planning spontaneous travel and the fifty-ninth. One more example that it's never too late for clear, concise design. When the company sold out to for $43mil, a small part had to do with the website.
Working with Marc English Design is an adventure in creativity, vocabulary, texture, color and design. Whether discussing our company's web site, our brand, identity materials, or sales tools, MED has provided exceptional service and results that surpass expectations. They respond to every request with thoughtful consideration of our brand message and how each element inter-relates to those projects completed or those yet to come. I truly enjoy our playful exchanges, bristling disagreements and ever-evolving understanding of each other's ways of thinking about design. I can truly say I consider MED a partner in our business success.

Colleen Challenger, VP of Marketing