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Slacker. The quintessential Austin film. The quintessential independent film. Twenty years later, a passel of Austin filmmakers take on the original and each shoot a section for a "re-make." Our identity is based on line art from the original, as well as our title treatment which we did for The Criterion Collection's version of Slacker.

Participating Filmmakers & Teams:
Miguel Alvarez
Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas
AFS Film Club
Austin School of Film
Bradley Beesley
John Bryant
Bob Byington
Mike Dolan
Sam Wainwright Douglas
Jay Duplass
Chris Eska
Paul Gordon
Amy Grappell
Duane Graves
Berndt Mader
Geoff Marslett
Spencer Parsons
PJ Raval
Bob Ray
Reel Women UT Chapter
Elisabeth Sikes
Karen Skloss
Ben Steinbauer
David & Nathan Zellner

AFS | Slacker 2011

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AFS | Slacker 2011