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Of all the pieces that we have designed, this in the only one that really matters. All the rest are well and good, but they are about selling or products or services that are in fact tangental to life. This one touched lives directly.

In the mid-1990s, Marc worked for WCVB-TV, the Boston area ABC-TV affiliate, as assistant design director. Owned by The Hearst Corporation, they became partners in a nationally syndicated public service program underwritten by Heinz, called Family Works. Marc created the entire identity for the program, which reached across the U.S. when other affiliates picked up on the programming. This poster, was created as part of an outreach program focusing on health care for inner-city women.

Literally handed out on the streets of Boston and it's many neighboring communities, to women that got little or no healthcare, the poster offered advice ("lay off the crack and alcohol") as well as provided resource information for several ethnic groups.

Folding down to a 12" x 12" square, the poster is a perpetual calendar defining the actual stages of natal development and simultaneously showing the growth of the fetus to scale, something that is never presented in health books. Healthcare clinicians made it a point to let the designer know that women were walking into local healthcare centers with the poster in hand, and that the program was a great success. An additional note, Marc was adament about not wasting the backside of the poster and made sure that all the information was duplicated, with the text printed in Spanish, as Spanish is the second-largest language group in the U.S.

When Marc's suggestions that the files he created for this poster should be distributed to affiliates nationwide for them to print locally, his idea was quietly killed. With that in mind, it was not long before Marc gave notice and Marc English Design was up and running. While this poster was not technically done under the auspices of MED, it nevertheless is the single most important thing Marc has created (short of his daughter), and he suggests that anyone with a notion feel free to rip off his idea and use it for heathcare purposes as they see fit.

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