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". . . Insanely beautiful . . ."
Sarah Habibi
Art Director | The Criterion Collection

". . . rich, dreamlike imagery . . ."
Nancy Bernard
Step Inside Design

"A longtime 'Idaho fan' (although not a 'fanatic') and that's how I came across the packaging. It is one of the most beautiful designs I have seen, and also perfectly conveys the many essences of the movie - in fact, in some ways I like it better than the movie itself! (is it heretical to say that?) I only wish my other favorite movies received such lavish packaging treatments. I live in Seattle, one of the 3 locations featured in the movie."
Kestral Windhover

"Criterion is known for the beautiful, artistic cover art it wraps its releases in, all of which stand out from the pack of "big head" photo packaging. With My Own Private Idaho, they went above and beyond, starting with the matte-finish cardboard slipcase, which sports a weathered book design that fits the pseudo-adaptation perfectly. The attention to detail is amazing, as the art even wraps inside the case, whereas most packaging would stop just inside the lip.

Slide the goods out and the set continues to impress. A beautifully designed four-panel digipak that carries over the movie's feel while conveying necessary information about the DVDs, is accompanied a gorgeous softcover booklet full of interviews that was produced with the artistic vision seen in expensive coffee-table books. Elegant art, DVD instructions and chapter stops - classy packaging, excellent book, - MOPI is one of the most film-appropriate DVD sets ever produced about a single film. Too often, packaging serves to camouflage an inferior product, but here, it supports and enhances a fantastic film.

Francis Rizzo III
DVD Talk

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